Dante Code (DAC)
uses an improved and optimized ranking weighting algorithm as the
basic operating logic of the consensus algorithm to create a complete
blockchain financial infrastructure platform.
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Dante Code (Dante Code) supports the cooperation of decentralized, community and decentralized trust and data sources to ensure the updateability and security within the financial ecosystem. Under the decentralized system , To achieve simultaneous support for compliance and supervision.
Dante Code (Dante Code) uses blockchain technology to achieve cross-chain fund transfer. The establishment of a micro-payment channel can simplify the processing process, realize real-time settlement, improve transaction efficiency, and reduce business costs. This promotes the development of business models such as cross-border micropayments.
Dante Code (Dante Code) supports atomic cross-chain swap agreement for asset exchange, saving a lot of friction costs, only need to make the corresponding payment through the flash exchange channel provided by DAC, you can get the latest market price Get the required tokens.
On-chain micro-payment instant transactions, enterprise-grade cold wallet separation, and developer ecological funds support financial Dapp deployment.
Issuance Mechanism
The first DAC coin issuance and the genesis block is generated
After the first coinage of DAC, the subsequent coinage output will be carried out according to the ranking weighting algorithm to achieve the self-consistent operation of the DAC economy.
Development Map